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The Importance of Getting to School on Time (and other notes about timing)

Our doors open at 9am, and teachers will be greeting children until 9:10am.

Circle starts promptly at 9:15am, and it truly interrupts your child’s learning if they arrive

late. If on occasion it’s unavoidable, and you happen to arrive after 9:10am, please take

your child directly to their classroom, as teachers will be actively engaged in the

program, and will not be at the doors to greet your child after 9:10am.

Pick up is by 3:00pm. Our teachers spend their after school time prepping for the next

day, as well as cleaning and sanitizing the classroom and materials. Any child not picked

up by 3pm will be charged the late fee as outlined in the handbook. This policy will be

enforced starting May 2.


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